the prophetic poetry



peculiar honour to our King, fountain sweet of heart ans mind, o LOVE that triumph over loss, we bring our heart before thy cross, to finish thy salvation in us.

LORD! childhood is like a swiftly passing dream: my heart feeleth thee,  the engine tutor of my mind, song of praises flow in my mind to praise thee.i will never regret if i pass away with song of Hosanna in me ans have eternal rest without be somebody here in the vanity world.


thou establish everlasting life for the humanity, but in Christ Jesus there is no East, or West, in Him no South or North. in Him also no racism was found. i saw in my vision black and white girls love to work together in Harmony vision as forwarded missionary in Arabian countries.
flow in us Lord as of old, in one great fellowship of LOVE throughout the while wide earth.


The Golden Poetry
o wounded hand of Jesus, build and touch my head, in us a new creation: our pride is dust, our achievement is nothing without you, Lord! of all, we all wait to see the eternal Revelation.
o LOVE the song of Halleluiah and the beauty above. Lord we bring our heart to the Calvary to be healed. yes Lord your blood speaks to us and stand to deliver us from that wicked one.
i saw a vision, in that vision a hand writing on a clean scroll beautiful paper, saying! be in obedient with the word of Master that is written in the Bible, an the scroll ended with long to see the Kingdom above.
among the word is writing inside “AGAPE” LOVE, the world doesn’t know the LOVE, Jesus Love the world and the world doesn’t love Him, so loved and died for generation of sinner that know nothing about the price of prince of peace.
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Refuse to be cheated

Poverty, lack or failure doesn’t make you look like Jesus and i terminate these in your life right now by the authority conferred on me as servant of God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.v. This year no Matt how dry the land appear to be, your covenant land will keep on producing in Jesus name. Zechariah 1:17-21. Shalom